Our service

Our approach to the service we offer to businesses is based on a basic concept, fundamental to us, The centrality of the customer and the complete satisfaction of his / her needs.
To better protect the risks associated with company / customer activity
The process of intervention is developed in the following phases:


Study of business activity and identification of risks,
With an accurate analysis of the causes and sources of risk (internal and external) and individual problems or dangers
Which can be presented;

Risk assessment,
Understood as a fundamental action that allows to identify prevention and protection measures
And to plan their implementation, improvement and control in order to verify their effectiveness and efficiency;

Quantification of risk,
Through an in-depth analysis of business costs that could be generated if a negative event occurred,
A problem or a threat. Costs are to be understood about all possible verifiable damages
(Injuries, stopped production, billing, etc.)

Risk management,
Which takes place through several phases, first of all a timely advice on eliminating the risks,
Where possible, or mitigating them, through prevention and protection actions.
Subsequently, a risk transfer plan is proposed through the most appropriate insurance products,
Coupled with self-assumption of other risks (self-insurance)


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